Q&A Regarding “Hanjin Shipping” Bankruptcy


Q1: With regard to the event of “Hanjin Shipping”, does COSCO SHIPPING lines have solutions?

A: In order to protect our customer’s interest, following measures have been taken to help minimize the impact on the affected cargo

1.      COSCO SHIPPING’s cargo will no longer be booked or loaded on vessel operated by Hanjin Shipping from the date that Hanjin Shipping filed an application for bankruptcy reorganization to the Court on Aug. 31, 2016.

2.      With respect to cargo already booked on vessels operated by Hanjin Shipping, under the premise of safety transportation , we will cooperate with all concerned parties to transfer the cargo on the first available service lines as quick as possible.   Meantime, the situation of your containers is being updated proactively though our company’s website (www.coscon.com) and official WeChat account (cosconlines).

3.      With respect to cargo already on board of vessels operated by Hanjin Shipping, we have been closely monitoring the situation and in cooperation with concerned parties such as Hanjin Shipping, terminal operator and others to ensure your cargo is always protected with quick and safe delivery.


Q2 Where is our cargo and when will the cargo be discharged?

A: COSCO SHIPPING Lines thrives to closely communicate and cooperate with all concerned parties. However, due to the difficult and complex requirements among governments, the actual berthing time should be confirmed after negotiation with local government and terminal operation by Hanjin Shipping.

If your cargo needs to be further trans-shipped after discharging, under the premise of safety transportation , we will cooperate with all concerned parties to transfer the cargo on the first available service lines as quick as possible. 


Q3: How to get the cargo status in real time?

A: You may query the cargo status through following ways:

u  Querying Cargo status through COSCO SHIPPING Lines official websitewww.coscon.comor official WeChat (cosconlines.

Meanwhile, our company will post the latest information of COSCO SHIPPING cargo on board Hanjin Shipping Vessels though above channels with daily updates.

u  Contacting with your local COSCO SHIPPING Lines office to get the cargo status from your sales representative.

u  Calling Customer Service Hotlines 400-960-1919. (This service is only for china mainland.) In North America you can call:

North American Operations Center (NAOC) in Houston: +1-866-830-2550

Canada / +1-604-689-8989

Long Beach +1 866 502-6726


Q4: Why has my cargo been loaded on Hanjin Shipping Vessel when my booking has been submitted to COSCO SHIPPING Lines?

ACOSCO SHIPPING Lines and HANJIN Shipping are both members of CKYHE alliance. In the purpose of provide more versatile services, all members share allocations within the alliance. Thus, your cargo could be arranged on HANJIN vessels. However, what’s ensured is that as long as you are holding a COSCO SHIPPING Lines issued Bill of Lading, our company undertakes all Carrier obligation and responsibilities under the governing Bill of Lading clauses to complete the cargo delivery. With the unremitting efforts of HANJIN Shipping and our company, an increasing number of HANJIN vessels are calling at ports to unload cargoes. In the meantime, we will arrange following transportations for these cargoes with top priority.


Q5How can I handle the failure in cargo delivery in time or cargo damage caused by this event?

A First of all, we deeply regret for any inconvenience caused by this event. We are also facing great loss due to this event. If you need to raise a claim for the cargo damage in the transportation carried by our company, please provide necessary materials to our local offices after the cargo delivery procedure is completed. We will fulfill the obligations of the maritime carrier according to relevant legal regulations and B/L clause.


Q6: Can COSCO SHIPPING Lines provide the B/L clause in electronic edition?

A The BL clause in electronic edition is available on our official website (www.coscon.com). You can retrieve the information in “Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions” column.