We will always be there for you



Recently the global shipping market has undergone a massive service disruption with the Hanjin bankruptcy filing. This has created a severe crisis to our customers. We understand that you expect nothing less than a reliable shipping enterprise with a guarantee of timely service and active measures to ensure the interests of our clients and their cargo. We at COSCO Shipping Lines have launched the integration of COSCON and CSCL and resolve to a strong sense of responsibility while keeping a close watch over our client’s cargo. The goal is to strive for mutual success, as we always have and will continue to do so in the future.

We keep the promise to our customers

When the bankruptcy crisis of HANJIN SHIPPING, an important member of our current alliance (CKYHE) sprang forthour first thought that came to mind was how to protect the interests of our clients. We are actively in contact with alliance members and coordinating a response within the CKYHE remaining members. COSCO Shipping Line has created an action plan to ensure the transportation of our customers’ cargo has minimal impact to their business needs. Our active measures show COSCO Shipping Lines commitment to the customers which we deem as our primary responsibility. The alliance we made with our new partners (CMA, OOCL, and EMC) will be an alliance of service reliability and responsibility, both fiscal and operational. With the ongoing integration and launch of the OCEAN Alliance, we expect improvement to our service levels, to which our customers can be firmly confident in production and operations. 

We will never give up for our clients

We pledge to stick to our traditional value of ‘Being a Responsible Enterprise’ and do our utmost to improve our service quality. COSCO Shipping Lines has undergone years of trials and tribulations in the global shipping market. In times of difficulties we prioritized a decision to pursue and maintain high service quality rather than lower end bottom line approach as some of other competitors have chosen to do.  It is our strong sense of responsibility to our clients that supports us along this path. We know better than anyone else that customers’ interest will be improved only under the condition that we continue to strive to improve and achieve. Through constant self-improvement we shall see our position strengthen within the global shipping market. Through the integration we now have a carrying capacity of 1.6 million TEUs, over 330 trade lanes and a service network that cover the entire global shipping market. This enables us to provide abundant transportation paths and schedule frequency. We believe all these benefits will bring some stability to the current market uncertainty.

We strive to develop and grow with our customers

We share the same goals with our customers to lay a solid foundation of global transportation. Upholding the customer-centered approach we will do our best to meet the demands of our customers and provide optimized Door-Door transportation solutions. As a loyal partner of customers worldwide, both global and local, our responsibility lies not only in exceeding satisfaction of customer’s transportation demands, but also a professional manner to support their development. From vehicle Knock-Down (KD) parts delivered to the auto production line with punctuality, to well-preserved seafood sent into the freezer of the supermarkets around the world as well as next seasons’ newest fashion launched in the worlds department stores, are all vivid illustration of COSCO Shipping Lines unremitting efforts towards development of our customers business. By defining the ‘customer’ as a priority, we can provide transportation by sea and by land without limits to our service. There is no greater success than our customers’ satisfaction and perfect experience every time they work with COSCO Shipping Lines.

In times of crisis you discover true service partners. We resolve to build first in class shipping enterprises with global competitiveness that creates value for our customers. COSCO Shipping Lines reliable service quality and responsible professional conduct will surely be a solid foundation of our long-term cooperation now and in the coming years ahead.