Deploitation in the 1970s   The maiden voyage of M.S. Pin Xiangcheng to Australia symbolized the initiation of container liner transport in China. Being a milestone in China's shipping history, it significantly removed the culture barriers between the East and the West and inaugurated national brand name.
Rapid Progress in the 1980s   In this period, new thoughts have been springing up and market economy has come out in China. In 1982, trans-pacific container transport network was set up. It not only promoted more national brands to the world, but also introduced new ideas and friends to China.
Competition in the 1990s   Multinational container liners were swarming into China-this huge potential market and new domestic shipping stars were growing up rapidly in this period. Facing fierce competition in the market, COSCO SHIPPING Lines has been consistently striving to become stronger and more competitive. From starting specialized container liner business in 1993 to moving the headquarters to Shanghai in 1998, COSCO SHIPPING Lines made enormous improvements on fleet capacity, system reform and alliance involvement.
Creation in 21st century   COSCO SHIPPING Lines prides itself on its creation and innovation. As a new starting point, a shipping palace carrying the honor and the mission towered by the Huangpu River in 2001. In the new era, COSCO SHIPPING Lines is honored for its new surprises of 8000TEU container vessels, E-commerce business, and optimization of customer service etc.